2021 President's Message

Jan 1, 2021

Author: CAMSC

2020 will certainly go down in history as unprecedented, challenging and most of all impactful. Having said that, it has also been a year of many changes that have had positive influence on the way we conduct business. 

From revamped business models, the roll-out of new products and services and most of all the implementation of mass innovations across multiple industries, there have been incredible enhancements to our environment that have demonstrated our ability to be agile and resilient.

Congratulations to each of you as last year has been a year of massive learning and growth. As a result of the shifts in our living, working and consumer behaviour the business landscape has evolved, and business offerings are continuing to evolve to meet our changing needs.

The pandemic has not dimmed the focus on the global social change movement, and the on the value of diversity and inclusion which is evident by the number of new corporate members and new certified suppliers eager to kick start the economy. We consider this to be a truly auspicious indicator for what is to follow in the new year to come. 

What can you expect in 2021? I have identified just a few things that you might consider as you prepare for 2021.

  • The supply chain will continue to change and evolve. While our members are open for business, how services are delivered will look different.


  • Cognizant that many businesses will continue to work remotely, how have you altered your model to accommodate these changes will be important.


  • With the movement to virtual, provincial and country borders are becoming invisible thus expanding your ability to connect and or access suppliers across a wider area. Have you considered what your national, international and or global strategy might look like?


  • Customer experience is vital to your lifeblood. While technology continues to be an enabler, your customers are still demanding service, convenience, and your ability to anticipate their needs.

The business environment is open to change and innovation. This is your time to shine. How your company responded and continues to respond to the changing environment will set the stage for your future.

In preparation for 2021, we, at CAMSC, listened, consulted, and learned from you, our stakeholders, what has worked, and what will be required to assist you in the transition as you respond to the changing supply chain needs.

Whether it be our Corporate Member Forums, brought back by popular demands, or our newly constituted Supplier Connects, our focus will be Connection, Development Engagement, and Value. 

I know that 2021 will be an incredible year. For those who responded early in 2020 to the changes, congratulations, you are seeing the fruits of your labour. Some of you who have needed some time to revise your strategy, the is window is still wide open. 

We begin 2021 with our experience of the year before and the knowledge that success and change go hand in hand. I would like you leave you with one of my favorite sayings by Jim Rohn, “Your business does not get better by chance, it gets better by change."


- Cassandra Dorrington

CEO & President, CAMSC

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