Presidents Updates

Sept 30, 2019

Welcome to the “Crystal Celebration” of CAMSC’s Business Achievement Awards. Crystal represents a 15th anniversary and it seems fitting that just as crystal forms when molecules come together, we are recognizing the perseverance and efforts made by our certified suppliers and corporate members over the last 15 years to build a solid foundation for supplier diversity to shine in the Canadian business landscape. Crystallization can happen because of freezing or in some cases heat and pressure that is applied to a substance so crystals can form. In the world of supplier diversity, we have seen that this build and formation comes from the top. So, I applaud all of you for the leadership role you have played and continue to play, to send that supplier diversity message to your change makers to set policies so supplier diversity can be woven into the fabric of your businesses.

While it has taken some time, we are extremely pleased to say that due to your ongoing efforts we have pushed past the $5 billion mark of spend with certified Aboriginal and minority-owned suppliers. We are delighted to say that every year, that number increases, and it is because of the continuous efforts of all our members. Our past themes of “Accelerating Growth,” “Building Momentum,” and our most recent Procurement Fair theme of “Engineering Growth,” are all testament to the fact that we can’t stand still, we continue to move forward.

In my letter in April, I shared many of the past achievements of CAMSC. From the introduction of various industry working groups (Pharma and the Financial Services), to a new Economic Impact Report, to forming new strategic partnerships domestically (e.g. Expanding SDAC to include other Canadian certifying bodies) and globally, we are always looking for opportunities to provide a foundation for our members to excel.

These awards are all about celebrating your excellence. With seven awards categories recognizing leadership in all facets of supplier diversity, we are also introducing a new President’s Award on our 15th anniversary. This new award is presented to acknowledge the significant impact this inaugural winning organization has made on CAMSC and on the overall development and growth of supplier diversity in Canada.

Every year, our entries are more difficult to judge because of the high calibre of every nominee.

Congratulations to all the evening’s nominees, finalists and winners. You all continue to inspire us with your dedication to building a stronger economic community for all by ensuring supplier diversity plays a leading role in your businesses.

CAMSC succeeds because of our supporters, advocates, partners, volunteers and you, our stakeholders. Thank you to our judging panel for undertaking the task of diligently reviewing the entries each year. My thanks to each of you for attending and supporting this awards dinner and all of the events we hold. None of this can happen without you and for that we are grateful.

Thank you to our returning Master of Ceremonies, Brandon Gonez. His vivacious charm is appreciated. I hope you enjoyed our CAMSC Spotlight: A History in the Making. Given the growth of CAMSC, it was hard to identify which nuggets we wanted to share but I am sure that you know it has been a journey filled with focus, tenacity, determination, excitement, growth and passion. Of course, a big thank you to my own CAMSC team. Every year, they go above and beyond to make this evening the success that it is and tonight is a testament to this fact.

I look forward to celebrating more anniversaries with you.

Cassandra Dorrington
President and CEO


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