President's Update

Jan 22, 2016

Happy New Year

So far, 2016 has been off to a whirlwind start as CAMSC relocated offices earlier this month.  We are now unpacking and setting up a new office at 282 Richmond Street East, Suite 101, Toronto.  This seems like the perfect time to send out our first 2016 newsletter of the year and share with you our priorities. 

You may recall me discussing collaboration and innovation last year.   We will continue to incorporate both as we focus on overall growth.  Growth means increased opportunities for certified suppliers to network and build partnerships, more forums for our corporate members to share thought leadership and an even larger CAMSC supplier and corporate membership base.  All of these efforts serve to advance the economic strength of supplier diversity.

As corporate Canada continues to be made aware of the numerous benefits of supplier diversity, CAMSC has been proactive in developing new partnerships and growing existing ones. We expect growth in the opportunities that will be provided to our certified suppliers as a result of these partnerships.   

For example, I am confident that the exposure provided by the NBA All Star Game this month will result in many new business relationships, as will our second annual Connect, Collaborate, Succeed 2016 to be held in collaboration with WBE Canada and CGLCC in November 2016.This event will provide education concerning upcoming procurement needs, networking across the supplier group, and access to both the Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies.

There will be many opportunities for certified CAMSC members (suppliers and corporates) to learn how to grow their own businesses for success.  One of our most beneficial events annually is the Diversity Procurement Fair. For those that have never attended before, this Fair starts with an evening of networking and ends with a full day of workshops and pre-arranged meetings where certified suppliers can pitch certified corporations. 

These meetings have the potential to culminate in a business partnership.  Concurrent with the Procurement Fair in April, members of the Inclusive Procurement Leadership Roundtable will beworking to honeselected research topics for the purpose of sharing thought leadership and research findings this fall.

Another exciting event that will help corporate members advance their businesses is our second delivery of the Supplier Diversity Playbook training.  The Playbook guides companies through the first few years of their supplier diversity journey, and highlights key elements critical to laying the groundwork for a successful supplier diversity initiative.  Complementary training and development initiatives focused on the supplier include the introduction of the Supplier Boot Camp. The Supplier Boot Camp is designed to be an intensive, rigorous training session focused on distinct business areas meant to jump start your business or sharpen your ability to strengthen and build corporation connections.

At the same time that we are providing an increasing number of opportunities to our members, we are also looking at ways to support and facilitate supplier diversity through research in key areas.  We have been and will continue to work our myriad of partners such as WEConnect International, NGLCC, WBE Canada and Desautel Faculty of Management at McGill to undertake selectedresearch to advance supplier diversity nationally and globally. 

At the grassroots level, CAMSC continues to identify and certify new suppliers through referrals and focused outreach activities we will conduct across Canada.  Vancouver, Winnipeg and Saskatoon are outreach stops we plan to make this year. 

On the corporate side, we continue to respond to interested corporations who wish to implement a supplier diversity program for their businesses. We expect growth in our corporate membership base, so stay tuned as we announce new members. 

I know this will be a year we reach for new milestones personally and professionally.  I am encouraged by the support CAMSC receives from all of you, our members.  I invite you to take advantage of every opportunity and make sure to check out our upcoming events online.  I look forward to seeing you at ProcureCon Canada and the Supplier Diversity Playbook session this winter, the Diversity Procurement Fair and the Cross Boarder B2B forum in the spring and the various Business Growth Opportunities across the country starting this winter and carrying over to the spring. 

Don’t forget about our Business Achievement Awards and the upcoming National NMSDC conference in Chicago in the fall.  I wanted to give a shout out to our fellow Global Council MSDUK who will be celebrating their 10th anniversary in SeptemberCAMSC will be attending and we welcome those businesses who are looking at expansion into the UK or European market to join us.

It’s going to be a busy, but successful 2016.  Happy New Year to you all and see you soon!

Cassandra Dorrington
President and CEO

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