Summer 2015

Jul 6, 2015

Author: Cassandra Dorrington

President’s Message:

Summer is here in full swing and while it seems like a good time to take a break, CAMSC members have been busier than ever.

In 2014, CAMSC corporate members spent $504 millionwith our certified suppliers. That brings the total amount spent since CAMSC opened its doors, to $1.7 billion. These opportunities boost wealth and job creation for Aboriginal and minority communities and an overall increase in economic development Canada-wide.

I am personally very proud of this achievement and it is a great segue way to our focus in this newsletter on our corporate members.   Many of our corporate members, both long term and new, have been dedicated to ensuring suppliers have the knowledge they need to ‘close the deal.’ These corporate members have developed and implemented wonderful programs to share information about the entire procurement process. Please read more below in this newsletter.

CAMSC continues to be instrumental in making that initial link between corporates and suppliers. Since the start of the year, suppliers and corporate members were able to meet and discuss future opportunities at the Diversity Procurement Fair in April, the Business Opportunity Roundtable discussions in May, the Cross Border Forum and BBI Business Summit in June.  

Take a look at our upcoming events and I suggest that you take advantage of opportunities to make these connections for your business. Whether you are a corporate member or certified supplier, you may be surprised at whom you meet and what new doors may be opened. Let’s aim high and see if we can contribute even more to the economic landscape.

I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events. Have a great summer and we will connect again in the fall.


Cassandra Dorrington
President and CEO


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