The economic climate in Canada today has led the private sector to assume a more active role within the communities in which they do business. A strong partnership among government, major corporations and small businesses will allow for a more equitable distribution of wealth, the creation of employment opportunities, and creation of an expanded customer base.

The objectives of CAMSC are clear and straightforward:

  • To provide and continually strengthen a nationwide information and referral network, which links major corporations and institutions with Aboriginal and minority owned businesses.
  • To encourage and assist Aboriginal and minority owned firms to use the network for the promotion of their products and services to corporate members and to help those firms develop and market their capabilities.
  • To conduct trade fairs, seminars and other activities to promote information exchange and effective communication between government, private enterprise, Aboriginal and minority suppliers.
  • To develop and sustain forms of financial assistance, that provide CAMSC-certified Aboriginal and minority suppliers with needed capital at affordable rates and offer an opportunity for larger companies to profit by investing in smaller Aboriginal and minority owned businesses.
  • To be the voice of Aboriginal and minority businesses by educating the Canadian public and the corporate community, that certified Aboriginal and minority business enterprises play an important role in providing dependable, quality products and services on time and at competitive prices.
  • To help corporations develop, maintain and expand Aboriginal and minority supplier programs, and to recognize those corporations that conduct outstanding programs.
  • To certify bona-fide Aboriginal and minority-owned firms.
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