CAMSC Newsletter - Spring 2020

Jun 10, 2020

Vandhana Srinivasan


CERTIFICATION: A Market Access Tool  

Read on how to become a CAMSC-certified member to explore business growth opportunities

Since its inception in 2004, CAMSC has worked with a multitude of diverse business owners to identify, certify, and connect them with government and corporate buyers, aiding economic empowerment through inclusion. The figure is conservative since only 50% of our corporate members share their spend info. They conduct business with approximately 55% of our certified suppliers. If you are not in that base, why not? Perhaps the answer to that question lies in understanding the power of Certification...Read full article

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE: Black Lives Matter!

Last week, we witnessed the horrific death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. And with this, the last straw in a series of racially motivated incidents, the ugliness of systemic racism, lying just beneath the surface was fully exposed.  What happens next is critical to moving forward in the US. Read full article


Dedication and team effort led us through the crisis: Jean Manasse

Our business at 360Medlink specializes in digital health and therapeutics. Although based in Canada, our sales are 99% international, therefore the impact of COVID19 was immediately felt shortly before Europe and Canada went into lockdown with travel restrictions..Read full article

Maxtech has come out with A to X solution to COVID-19: Kacee Vasudeva

Today when the world is gripped in COVID crisis and numerous organizations are shutting down their operations, Kacee and his team are working round the clock, 7 days a week to develop innovative products/ solutions to fight this problem...Read full article

Skills that helped build my business in Canada, are helping me deal with the covid-19 crisis: Javier Santos

Nothing could have prepared me better for covid-19 than being an entrepreneur from two underserved and underrepresented population. I became aware of the privileges I had lost with the geographic dislocation to Canada, I understood that to make it here, I have to try harder, avoid threats...Read full article

No matter how small, every contribution towards society is important and valuable: Kim Thiara 

About 3 years ago, I introduced a food approved disinfectant/sanitizer product, Ultralyte, to AceTronics’ portfolio. The product generated interest in some of our customers, but not enough to consume our inventory. Fast forward to mid-March this year; demand exceeded supply...Read full article

Retooling, a key model for Willowest during Pandemic: Rain Zhang

With the challenges of Covid-19 at the brim, majority of the hotels have suspended their business. As the demands for PPE and hand sanitizer increased dramatically, we at Willowest felt the responsibility to offer the community and our network what they need to get through these challenging times..Read full article

Council Highlights

Diversity Procurement Fair, July 21-23: Virtual Event

CAMSC invite you to get involved with Canada’s best networking event for corporations and Aboriginal and Minority-owned businesses. Now, in it’s 16th year, virtual Diversity Procurement Fair is about making strong connections that build successful partnerships.Enjoy 50% off on your registrations. Register for the Match Making session by June 30th... Register Now

2020 Business Achievement Awards Gala - Nominations Open Now!

Join us at home on October 1st, as we recognize the innovative talents and accomplishments of successful Aboriginal and Minority-owned businesses, and the corporations that are leading the way with their supplier diversity programs.This year, we added the Special Recognition Award. It will be awarded to a person or company for extraordinary contributions, during and post COVID- 19. Download the Nomination Form here. Nominate by July 30th!

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Weekly Voice CAMSC Press Release: Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council (CAMSC) Promoting Diverse Suppliers and Boosting Network During the COVID-19 Pandemic.Read full release.

National Post: The Organization Diversifying Canada’s Supply Chain

While startups founded by Indigenous people, minorities, and women are being launched at a faster rate, these diverse businesses are still not being invited to the table. We’re seeing real innovation happening, but we need to enable it... Read full article

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