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2018 - FCA 19th Annual Matchmaker Event

FCA continues to demonstrate a strong commitment to diverse businesses. On Thursday, Sept. 13, FCA will celebrate the 19th anniversary of our MatchMaker event. To date, MatchMaker has generated over $3.5B of new opportunities for minority, woman and veteran-owned businesses. This year, we will kick off the event with a joint purchasing employee/supplier town hall featuring our Chief Purchasing Officer - Scott Thiele and a message from a special invited guest.

Join us and learn more about the benefits of a diverse supply chain within your company. Attendees from your company should include key purchasing personnel, sales representatives and other persons with decision-making procurement authority.

Meet certified Minority, Women, Veteran and Tier 1 Exhibitors

Visitor Registration Open

September 13 - FCA Annual MatchMaker Event, Auburn Hills, MI, the US (Registration has started!)
(Registration Deadline: August 17, 2018)

Confirm your attendance for this free event by registering using the following link.
REGISTER HERE. Once you have accessed the MatchMaker Registration page, complete the required information no later than August 17, 2018. Mandatory pre-registration is required for entry into the trade fair. Photo ID and a business card are required for entry into FCA property. NO CAMERAS ARE ALLOWED.

You can also contact the Matchmaker Information line at 313-980-5977.
Direct questions regarding the Matchmaker to: fcamm@theharmongroup.com or contact The Harmon Group at 313-980-5977.


100 Chrysler Drive

Auburn Hills, 48326


2018-09-13 00:00:00 (All day event)