COVID-19 Essential Products and Services List

While times are still uncertain due to COVID-19, CAMSC is proud to promote the Suppliers within our network that have continued business, as well as those who have retooled to provide the best products and services are possible to those in need.

Below is the current list of CAMSC certified Aboriginal and minority suppliers who you can contact for specific services. Don’t see your business listed, but have a product or service that can help? Please contact Royston Singh, to find out how your business can be added to the list. 

Download the list with contact details (excel), click HERE.

Company Name
AceTronic Industrial Control INC.

General sanitizers/Bleach Free

Champion Products
Hand sanitizers/General sanitizer/Vinyl/Nitrile gloves
Maxtech Innovations

Hand sanitizers/PPE face shields/Masks/Ventilators/Sanitizing cabinets

Icon Global Supply – Delta BC
Hand sanitizers/Vinyl, Nitrile gloves
Pather - The Display Company
Face shields/Glass Shields / KN95 & N95 masks
Great Connections Employment
Gloves/N95 masks
Digital Joint
Masks and Faceshields
N95 Masks
The Justin Poy Agency
Non-latex gloves, KN95 masks
Trillium Supplies Solutions
Safety clothing/face shields/KN95 & N95 masks
Triplewell Products Ltd.
Safety clothing/masks
Great Lakes Safety Products
Safety clothing/masks
Windsor Textiles 
Safety clothing/masks
JaniSafe (2009)
Safety clothing/masks/Cleaning supplies
HJ Machine and Pattern
Adirondack HR
Business Advisory Services
Barrett and Welsh
Business Advisory Services
Acosys Consulting
Advantis Communications
E.C.S. Electrical Cable Supply Ltd.
Renaissance Repair and Supply
Electronics Repair and Engineering
Logistic Solutions, Inc
IT Services
Versatil BPI
IT Services
IT Support
The Carter Benette Group Canada
Janitorial Services
Trillium Interim Staffing
Medical Staffing
Mental Health
Recognize Your Potential by Floria
Mental Health
MediResource Inc
Mental/Personal Health
Cancom Security
Security Guard Services
The House of Purpose
Self-Care and Employee coaching
Specialist Staffing
Apidel Technologies LLC
Specialist Staffing/Staff Temperature Supervisor Inc
Specialist Staffing/Staff Temperature Supervisor
Staffing & IT Services
Topnotch Employment
Staffing & IT Services
Achieve Potential
Virtual Training
Fluid Kinematix
Virtual Training / Mental Health Support
TTS Service Group
Decontamination & Janitorial services
 Dream Supplies
Hand Sanitizers
Redwood Classics Apparel
Reusable Face Masks